Wealth Management

Financial Planning

Contributing to your company retirement plan is just one element of a comprehensive financial strategy. At Arista Financial Group, we work with our institutional clients’ employees, providing a vast range of personal financial planning services.

Wherever these individuals are in life, many are hard-working, affluent individuals who face a number of financial decisions. From preserving their wealth to mitigating taxes, they want to ensure they make the most of their assets and can leave a lasting legacy. With a team of experienced professionals, we seek to serve as your financial advocate, offering a high level of responsive and personalized service.

Investment Management

Our goal is to help you preserve your assets, developing strategies that aim to ensure your income needs are met over time; risk is managed in line with your tolerance and time horizon; and your portfolio is optimized with the potential to generate growth and outpace inflation. Through our process, we identify your objectives, income needs, time horizon, and comfort with risk. We then work with you to create an investment portfolio customized to best address your personal needs.

Financial Planning

Building a long-term financial plan tailored to your unique situation plays an integral role in helping you pursue your goals. We use a personalized approach to determine strategies that may suit your needs. Throughout the various stages of your life, we regularly review and ensure financial decisions are appropriately and realistically aligned with your financial aspirations. Over the long-term, we manage your money with a strategy designed to keep you on the right track toward meeting your objectives.

Retirement Planning

Social Security benefits, employer-sponsored plans, and personal retirement savings typically combine to comprise the retirement income for many individuals and families. Deciding which retirement choices may best serve you can be overwhelming. We can help you identify appropriate options that can support and enhance your overall investment and tax strategies, both before and during retirement.

Estate Planning

After building your wealth throughout your career, many people want to ensure they can leave a legacy to their family. An efficient estate plan not only incorporates tax reduction strategies but also involves crafting a plan to ensure that your assets transfer to your desired beneficiaries on your terms. We can work with your attorneys and CPAs to help coordinate all of your estate planning needs.

College Planning

A common concern among families is determining how they will pay for their children’s college expenses while still saving for retirement. We can help you evaluate funding options and create an education strategy tailored to your goals.

Risk Management

Risk can take many forms: illness, accident, and liability, to name a few. Failing to manage risk properly could jeopardize your financial future. We help you evaluate the various levels and types of insurance, from life to long-term care to disability options, you may consider carrying to make sure your strategies align with your overall goals and needs.