Retirement Plans

Retirement Plans

At Arista Financial Group, our goal is to provide effective and customized retirement plan consulting services for corporations and K-12 schools, offering an independent and objective approach to meeting the needs of our clients. Many businesses want to offer employees a retirement plan but aren’t sure how to implement one that is competitive and affordable. Our technical knowledge of retirement plans allows us to address plan design issues, perform plan and cost analyses, and present a custom solution to fit our clients’ personal and business objectives.

Covering the full spectrum of corporate retirement plan products, we help clients determine an appropriate solution for their business. We offer a wide range of qualified and nonqualified retirement plan options, including:

■      401(k)

■      403(b)

■      401(a)

■      457(b)

■      Defined Contribution Plans

■      Money Purchase Pension Plans

■      Defined Benefit Plans

To help you feel confident with your plan, we offer several services designed to help you manage your fiduciary liability, optimize company retirement plan contributions, and evaluate your plan service providers. Working with qualified and experienced third party administrators and partnering with leading custodians and record-keepers, we help you monitor the plan regularly, benchmark, and offer employee education.

Fiduciary Support

Liability is a significant concern for many business owners. Plan sponsors often struggle to address the challenges of regulatory and ERISA compliance, manage fiduciary risk, and adequately prepare participants for retirement. We assist plan sponsors with fiduciary risk management strategies aimed at helping you keep your plan in compliance with ever-changing regulations, and systematically monitoring your plan’s investment options.

Plan Benchmarking

We want you to be comfortable with what you are paying for the cost of the investments, recordkeeping, and administration of your plan. To determine the competitiveness of your plan and other available options, we provide due diligence market analysis and independent cost benchmarking on a regular basis. By doing so, we can leverage a potential cost reduction for you from your service providers.

Participant Education

We don’t just work with employers; we also work with their employees. At Arista Financial Group, our goal is to partner with you in managing an effective retirement plan that helps you attract and retain valuable employees and that makes “retirement readiness” a reality for your employees. In the long run, we believe this can help strengthen your company and help your employees enjoy a better retirement.

A successful retirement plan is beneficial for both the employer and employees. Beyond supporting employers through their plan management, implementation, and fiduciary oversight challenges, we provide education and guidance to employees. Taking a highly personal approach to plan participant education, we believe a successful participant education and communication program that includes one-on-one advice and ongoing guidance is critical to the success of your retirement plan.

Our experienced enrollment and education specialists understand that the development of an effective communication program varies greatly from business to business and across industries. We review the variety of options available to your retirement plan committee to help develop a personalized program tailored to your particular employee population.

Key components of this program may include:

  • On-site group enrollment meetings
  • On-site one-on-one enrollment meetings
  • On-site group investment education meetings
  • Video or web-based meetings
  • Ongoing communication, memos, and announcements
  • Access to online investment and financial planning
  • Customer service representatives and email contacts for plan participants

This information was developed as a general guide to educate plan sponsors, but is not intended as authoritative guidance or tax or legal advice. Each plan has unique requirements, and you should consult your attorney or tax advisor for guidance on your specific situation. In no way does advisor assure that, by using the information provided, plan sponsor will be in compliance with ERISA regulations.