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Private Exchange Solutions

Solutions for Any Size Employer

Welcome to the UBA private exchange, a new way for employers and their employees to explore their health insurance options and better manage their costs. Offered exclusively through UBA Partner Firms, employers have the choice of two platforms depending upon their needs. Benefits Passport® is intended to serve large companies and Benefitbay™ is designed to serve the small group market. Employers enrolling in either private exchange solution will find that they are no longer in the healthcare business – instead of devoting extensive resources to the management of employee health, an employer can instead entirely outsource this function, and in many cases, immediately accrue benefits to the bottom line. And because both solutions feature a variety of plans at a range of price points, employees can choose the plan that’s best for them. For more information please contact your local UBA Partner Firm.

Private Exchange Solutions for Large Employers

The UBA Benefits Passport® private insurance exchange is a new way for large employers (more than 50 employees) to offer affordable insurance options to employees that is simple to implement and simple to manage. This self-service platform provides employers a choice of multiple plans, the ability to define a level contribution, 24/7access and emergency support, and mitigates the burden of administration and compliance risk. Simply put, Benefits Passport® provides you an advantage in acquiring and retaining employees and makes it easy for your employees to shop, understand, and appreciate their benefits package.

Private Exchange Solutions for Small Employers

Benefitbay™ is a simple online platform created to give an alternative to group insurance for small businesses (less than 50 employees) and associations by providing higher value medical and ancillary benefits previously unavailable to small business employers. benefitbay™ pulls together the best carriers in each market and also presents a suite of ancillary insurance offerings an employer can choose to offer as part of the company’s customized benefitbay program: vision, dental, life, disability, accident, etc. Easy online administration via the employer portal, and world-class client service, make the benefitbay solution simple for everyone.