Investment Strategy

Population Health Predictive Analysis

Driven by advances in data analytics technology, Population Health has the potential to drive physical and financial change for employers and their employees. Population Health is the combination of data-driven knowledge about the health and habits of your employee population and targeted health improvement strategies. By focusing on improving the long-term health of your employee population, we can positively affect future medical spend risk and the overall quality of life of your employees. By identifying opportunities and efficiencies to help you make informed decisions about your health plan, incentives, and wellness strategy, you can ultimately decrease the cost of health care for you and your employees.

The ACG (Arista Cosulting Group) Population Health Difference

You may see data analytics or predictive modeling solutions from other advisors, but the ACG Population Health solution is a more holistic approach to managing health care expense and employee health.

Our Approach

There are two ways to decrease your medical spend. You can help your employees become healthier and you can help your employees become better health care consumers. But, before you can develop a strategy to affect either of these two areas, you need to identify and understand the problem.

By combining multiple objective data sources (claims data, health risk assessment, biometric and vendor data) our data analytics tool, DataSmart Solutions, helps us:

  • Understand how employees and their dependents are accessing health care and when they are avoiding it
  • Identify the greatest health risks among those included in an employer sponsored health plan
  • Identify future challenges that can be addressed today using predictive modeling

Once we have a better picture about what is going on with your employee population, we partner with you to develop objectives and priorities to identify the immediate goals for your program. We are then able to develop a targeted strategy to help you reach your immediate goals and put you on the right track for achieving your long-term objectives. As partners, we can help you with vendor selection and implementation of the overall strategy.

As we continue to track and monitor the health of your employee population, we can actually measure the impact that our initiatives have on the health of your employees and how that translates to medical spend savings. That’s right, we can show the return on your investment and hold ourselves and vendors accountable to delivering results.