“Friending” Your Doctor

The term “friending” refers to adding someone to a list of friends on a social media website. This list is more of a contact database rather than meaning someone on it is actually your friend.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Even though you already have a job, you’ve been interviewing with other companies and have now just been offered a position. This is the day you go to your supervisor or HR department and turn in your two weeks’ notice (you are a professional after all, you don’t just quit). But then, surprise, you get a counteroffer to stay.

Just Married! What Employers Need to Know About the Obergefell Ruling and Same-Sex Marriage

This 90-minute basic webinar will help employers understand the impact of the decision in Obergefell on employee benefits and other employment issues. Eligible for 1.5 HRCI credit hours for participation.

Preventive Services Final Rules

Federal agencies released final regulations on the preventive services mandate of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) that requires non-grandfathered group health plans to provide coverage without cost-sharing for specific preventive services, which for women include contraceptive services.

AASPA’s 77th Annual Conference

AASPA’s 77th Annual Conference provides four days of high quality educational programs designed to sharpen your expertise, enhance your knowledge and equip you to lead your school HR department into the future. Multiple education formats (keynote speakers, pre-conference and clinic workshops, education and ignite sessions and product demos) will be presented by education’s top experts and industry leaders and will focus on innovative ideas, ready to use solutions and research based strategies you need to know to successfully lead your district. Read more

2015 GAEL Summer Conference

Welcome to the 41st Annual GAEL Summer Conference “Beyond Race to the Top”! Read more

2015 Summer Jam

Beluga Whales, Penguins, Spanish Hogfish… just what you think of when a benefits seminar is announced! The 14th annual Summer Jam, a benefits and law seminar, will take place at Georgia Aquarium. The usual full day’s content is lined up, from Healthcare to HR, Education Reform, TRS and Legal and Compliance topics. Complimentary entry to the event includes a free pass into the aquarium to be used on the day of the event. Read more

Make Health Care Costs Part of Retirement

There are plenty of educational programs on how to save for retirement, and even the industry as a whole has told people to find their goal or a specific dollar amount for retirement. However, what is often not considered is just how much a person will be spending on health care once they retire.

Stop Sitting!

You’re not a couch potato. You routinely exercise at least three times each week. You eat healthy, or at least reasonably healthy, and you don’t smoke. However, when you’re at work or at home you have a nasty habit of sitting down for long periods of time. How bad that can be?