Legal Requirements of Voluntary Insurance Programs

UBA Employer Webinar Series
Tuesday, February 10, 2014 2:00 PM Eastern Time

IRS Provides Process to Address Retroactive Increase in Excludable Transit Benefits
Harvard Professors Fall Out Of the Ivory Tower with Health Care Hikes

The New York Times recently stirred up a media firestorm when it reported about Harvard University professors who were lambasting the health care increases they were facing this year.

When "Thank You" Isn’t Enough

We thank everyone — the pharmacist who fills our prescriptions, the postal carrier who delivers our mail and even the stranger who holds the door open for us at the grocery store, but we often ignore the people who work diligently for us and give their best efforts.

Highlights of the Excise Tax on High-Cost Plans (the "Cadillac Tax")

The excise tax on high cost plans (also referred to as the Cadillac tax and the 4980I tax) is scheduled to take effect in 2018. To date, regulations have not been issued, so many of the details about how the tax will operate are unclear.

Are You Benchmarking Your Health Plan Correctly?

Many employers benchmark their health plans against other employers with the same carrier or using nationally available data. But the benchmarking best practice is to compare your plan with others based on plan type, region, employee size, and industry.

Don’t be a Craveman – Wellness

It’s the holidays. It’s the perfect storm of indulging in food that you may not normally eat. Whether you get gift baskets in the office, or are just tempted by all the holiday goodies in the supermarket, your mind is constantly being coerced into wanting the deliciousness that’s mere feet away. Don’t give in to the craving!

UBA December Compliance Recap

During the month of December Congress passed a temporary increase to the transit pass and vanpooling benefit and the regulatory agencies released several cost-of-living increases, proposed relatively minor revisions to the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) requirement, and updated the list of counties in which foreign language versions of the SBC and other benefits notices may be required.