HHS Issues Proposed Rule on Essential Health Benefits and Actuarial Value

The federal government has issued a proposed rule that addresses some of the questions surrounding essential health benefits and determining actuarial and minimum value.

Highlights of New Proposed PPACA Wellness Rules

The federal government has issued a proposed rule that addresses how wellness programs may operate under the health care reform law beginning in 2014.

Dec. Webinar: The Impact of the Election on PPACA

Learn which health care reform regulations are likely to be released soon and which requirements might be delayed or repealed following the 2012 election.

Companies Recommit to Smoking Cessation

While workers’ waistlines continue to be a prime target in wellness initiatives, many companies also are deploying aggressive anti-smoking programs.

2012 Election: PPACA Is Here to Stay

The election results clarified the future of health care reform, but employers still face questions on many of the details of the law.

How Does Your Health Plan Stack Up?

Employers may or may not be looking to attract new employees in today’s economy, but they certainly need to retain the good ones they have. Benchmarking play a key role in that effort.

Health Plan Design Drives Regional Costs

A close look at new health plan data shows that of all health plans in the Northeast, 33.6 percent have no single deductible, compared with just 8.4 percent and 4.1 percent in the Southeast and Central regions, respectively.

In Brief: You vs. Flu

A roundup of the latest HR trends, including a reminder that a flu shot can help keep workers healthy and combat employer costs.

Dec. Webinar: Personal and Financial Wellness

Personal wellness is a strategy that can lead to wealth when it comes to retirement savings for both the employee and employer. Learn more in a special webinar!

What Does the Election Mean for Employers?

The "status quo" in Washington D.C. means that health care reform will proceed, and employers must be ready to comply.

Employees Seek Better Pharmacy Services

Mail-order pharmacy programs promise savings and convenience for employees, but some workers are starting to miss the face-to-face time with their local pharmacist, a new report suggests.